Warriors of the Acid Clan unite! Finally our cup runneth over! Your saviours return from the dark fold and bring with them treasures from afar, our bravest and most noble heroes of the Invincible Scum are here to save you from our once certain fate. A bounty of golden acid and precious gems lies before you and is yours alone for the devouring. HEAR the mystical 303 weave it’s tales of yonder and FEEL the pounding of the electronic drum deep in your soul….seize the moment and celebrate this day for it is ours! ZTAUR is the fourth of 12 releases from Z O D I A C 4 4. One for each sign of the stars and then Z O D I A C 4 4 is forever dead and gone. Forever gone and dead.

ZODIAC 44 is back with Milo Smee aka Bintus/Power Vacuum, Andy Blake and Mark Broom.




We’re back in Paris, this time bringing Helena Hauff, Privacy and Luke Eargoggle.

Join us.

WRECKS05 is out now!


…and selling like hotcakes. Head to Clone for your copy.

GRAFITI TAPES #3 – Kropp aka Your Planet is Next


The third in Luca Lozano’s GRAFITI TAPES series is now available to buy online!

GRAFITI TAPES #3 features Kropp aka Your Planet is Next, a Stockholm native and long time member of the IB crew. Aside from an unhealthy interest in Graffiti, Kropp also produces charming and raw Acid tracks under the moniker Your Planet is Next. His contribution to the tape series features solo work and work alongside Växer as Osynlig Fetma. Five tracks of uncompromising and experimental hardware jams are yours for the devouring.


WRECKS04 out now.


Sold out at Hard Wax, No.2 in the Clone charts…WRECKS04 seems to be doing just fine. Privacy and Helena Hauff on one piece of wax for your Electro needs.

Order direct and support our cheeseburger habit. HERE.