Welcome to the first edition of the GRAFITI TAPES series, a new concept brought to you by Luca Lozano, and Klasse Recordings.

GRAFITI TAPES marries graffiti with music and music with graffiti, each tape features a luminary of the underground world and showcases their talent via a limited edition, hand numbered tape cassette release.

Make no mistake, this is no sassy street art project. GRAFITI TAPES is primarily concerned with the real deal underground vandalisms and will continue to feature artists with a traditional approach to all things spraypainted.

Each tape features handmade artwork by the artist and comes equip with a download code for all those sadly without a tape player.

First up on GRAFITI TAPES is Bunker and Stilleben Records regular, Luke Eargoggle. Aside from being a stellar producer of all things electro-led, Eargoggle is also a dab hand with the spraycan. A legend in the Gothenburg scene, he continues to paint regularly with his unmistakable old school style.

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